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Compliance Testing


ETC Airdrie is accredited to offer tests to FCC, Industry Canada and CE Mark Standards, among others.

Tests include but are not limited to:

Military and Aeronautical

ETC Airdrie is accredited and recognized for testing to MIL-STDs, RTCA-DO-160 and CISPR standards.

Avionics testing for qualifications of electronic equipment for airplanes/helicopters involves combinations of electromagnetic emissions, electromagnetic immunity, vibration and temperature variations.

We have the accreditation to handle Controlled Goods programs.

Product Integrity

The Environmental and Mechanical Simulation Laboratory assists the clients in implementing comprehensive, yet cost-effective programs for product development to meet increasingly stringent environmental, reliability and supportability requirements. 

Product Integrity testing capabilities at the Electronics Test Centre include

We regularly help clients duplicate and analyze field failures resulting from transport vibration or temperature extremes. 

In addition to the analytical tools, ETC Airdrie also has the expertise and test equipment to conduct product design evaluations and MTBF analysis at component level.

ETC Airdrie’s environmental and mechanical capabilities are A2LA accredited to ISO 17025.